Air Jordan 2 Low will launch a sneaker in the fall of New 2021 Jordans, setting off a new wave of frenzy. Air Jordan 2 Low is not the most popular style of Jordan brand Arsenal, but we have been waiting for quite a long time, because it has been popular in the past few years. Now that we are here, this white-hot cooperation is likely to be just the pinnacle of a huge iceberg with a major comeback. Featured in the official colors of white, sail, red, and gray, no leaked images have surfaced yet, but we expect that this version will feature an exposed foam collar, with MJ’s signature on the outsole, and of course the inside There is a white logo on the board. The product also sets a perfect Virgil Ablow fashion aging rubber sole system.

Reebok Club C has gained popularity in recent years, thanks Nike Dunk Low to its adoption by sports shoe advertising and high-end fashion circles. Now, Reebok has brought new changes to the classic stadium outline, and the new Club C Mid II is now on the market. Reebok's Club C is a perfect summer sneaker. The low-top tennis shoe is an all-round classic, made of leather, occasionally added suede or canvas. Now, the retro silhouette is at the top of its game, regularly launched in new iterations, and quickly became the favorite canvas created by Reebok collaborators. Now, the British sportswear brand has added a new Club C while launching Mid II. Mid II is a higher tailored version of the beloved model. Now it has slightly more ankle protection, all of which are Our favorite style and comfort.

While we are waiting for the release of this year's sacai x New Sale Jordan series, we have just seen the future of four new color schemes that will be released in the spring of 2021. Sacai and Nike have been tearing it up for the past few years. With the new hybrid version, these two shoes began to become the trend of the entire sports shoe community. Now, their latest project, VaporWaffle, will make its debut this fall, and more products will be launched next spring. Three colors will be launched this year, and four new products will be launched in the spring of 2021, all of which will become popular. Although sacai and Nike have strengthened their efforts in the past, spring 2021 seems to be an important season for the two of them, and the leaked Blazer Low cooperation will also decrease. Includes four new colors: black/black-black-black, white/sail color, dark iris color/bonfire orange-white and sesame color/blue-empty white, everyone is very competitive and has his own The characteristics of this make them a must-see for many people. First of all, the two prominent ones are the dark black and gray design composed of the classic color scheme and the white and black version. This is the weird color block that Saka usually chooses as we like to see. The other two are absolutely great and seem to be an iteration that can be called the inspiration of the Los Angeles Lakers, with purple and gold uppers, and the last iteration, which requires a Buy Aviators Ray-Ban Earglasses neutral sesame brown with blue highlights, The spring season will look great.